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Fast and Furious Script v1.2

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1 Fast and Furious Script v1.2 on Sun Sep 27 2015, 03:19

Hello Guys I made a script 2 or 3 months ago I don't use it so i want to share it with you all
I script with bad way but it works 100%
It has Four Worlds
FreeRoam, Race, Derby, DM

Commands its Carry
Code: [Select]
DM Commands
"(!)team, !buyhp, !Buyarm, !donate, !benefits, !accept, !cash, (/)logout, !credits, !hp, !stats"
"(!)deny, !leaveteam, !aspawn, !buywep, !wep"
"(!)heal, !levelup, !changeskin, !cd, bring, !spree, !myspree"
"(!)giveheal, !visible, !goto, !invisible, !distance"

Derby Commands
"(!)heal, cash, !donate, !benefits, credits, stats, (/)derby, (/)joinderby"
"(!)visible, invisible, distance, (/)logout"

Race Commands
"(!)heal, cash, credits, !donate, !benefits, stats, /race, /joinrace"
"(/)leaverace, !visible, !invisible, !distance, /logout"

FreeRoam Commands
"(!)heal, cash, credits, givecash, withdraw, deposit"
"(!)visible, invisible, !donate, !benefits, distance, admins, (/)logout"
"(!)buycar, sharecar, sellcar, getcar, mycars, delsharecar, sharedcars"

  There are some Admin Commands
Code: [Select]
"unban, ban, kick, exec, mute, unmute"
"ip, donator, warn, unwarn, addadmin"
"removeadmin, setmon, setlevel, setkills, setdeaths"

Credits: Seby For Custom Menu , Fuzzie For Account System

Link:You can Take From forum of VCMP
I can't Post here Error

Needed Functions : You need to Download IPTOCountry.db

IPtoCountry Link: You can Take From forum of VCMP

If you find any error Feel Free to ask here

Enjoy Smile

hope You Will Like my Script

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2 Re: Fast and Furious Script v1.2 on Sun Sep 27 2015, 14:52


Oh dude, thank you very much. Razz

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3 Re: Fast and Furious Script v1.2 on Sun Sep 27 2015, 22:52

No Problem Brother Thank You too

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